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Lots of improvements to Uber and an important Spinner fix

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  • Uber doesn't prioritise its initial advanced fabbers as highly when fighting for planetary control
  • Uber prioritises its initial advanced fabbers more highly when alone on a planet
  • Uber no longer prioritises the Storm over other units when in need of AA
  • Uber gives less priority to energy storage again
  • Uber uses less Shellers
  • Change to how Uber measures Vanguard use
  • Uber FFA builds Strykers
  • Uber only builds perimeter torpedo launchers in response to subs rather than general naval threats
  • Uber builds Typhoons against all naval threats
  • Uber uses a heavy Stryker presence for a little longer
  • Uber won't use as many factories to make Patriots when in need of AA
  • Uber's Grenadier build will only happen in response to a land threat
  • Ensure Uber will use Spinners in the early game
  • Fixed Uber 1v1 not building Spinners
  • Uber maintains a small anti-air presence in its naval force if air is present
  • Uber Rush now shares the preferences of Uber 1v1 (use this if you want 1v1 to tech later)
  • Reduce ratio of air factories Uber builds when losing the air war
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