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Updates to tech for the latest changes to PA along with numerous fixes

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  • The system intelligence panel displays a card you are guaranteed to get offered if you conquer the system
  • Zoom level fix on war commencement from Bigger Galactic War


  • Increased chance of bounty mode for Bronze difficulty and higher
  • Increased chance of land anywhere for all difficulties
  • Buffed the following cards:
    • Barracuda Upgrade Tech
    • Catalyst Upgrade Tech
    • Firefly Upgrade Tech
    • Halley Upgrade Tech
    • Helios Upgrade Tech
    • Kraken Upgrade Tech
    • Nuclear Missile Launcher Upgrade Tech
    • Skitter Upgrade Tech
    • Spark Upgrade Tech
    • Unit Cannon Upgrade Tech
  • Changed the following cards:
    • Jig Upgrade Tech
    • Narwhal Upgrade Tech
    • Omega Upgrade Tech
    • Squall Upgrade Tech
  • Modified the implementation of Bluehawk Upgrade Tech to allow for independent targeting
  • Nerfed Atlas Upgrade Tech
  • All loadouts start with the ARKYD
  • Upgrades which require another unit now add that unit to your inventory
  • Allow Nomad loadout units to be pushed
  • AIs won't build land titans due to pathing issues
  • Commanders assigned colour by faction in order of spawn to improve visual clarity
  • Defense Fabrication Tech doesn't reduce the cost of the anti-nuke missiles


  • Errors in tech card tooltips
  • Workers always receive at least one extra commander if a system should have minions
  • Removed references to an unused Helios weapon
  • Hotfix for old versions being unnecessarily applied on the start of a new war
  • Rapid Deployment Commander not changing the behaviour of the Advanced Naval Fabricator
  • Stinger Upgrade Tech
  • Slammer torpedo is buffed by bot buffs not structure buffs
  • Defense Tech Commander not reducing cost of Umbrellas
  • Omega Upgrade Tech being tied to ownership of irrelevant units
  • Improved Energy Weapons never being dealt

Known Issues

  • More Pew Pew will cause some units modified by tech card to show incorrect stats and range circles.
  • Selection and combat grouping mods e.g. Air Scout Select, can cause the AI to use these units incorrectly.
  • Modifiers are not applied to weapons and ammo not in use in the base game e.g. Skitter ammo
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