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A lot of adjustments to Uber mainly around tightening its focus

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  • Uber tries to avoid teching to T2 land first on naval maps
  • Silver and Gold use less Booms and Purgers
  • Gold through Uber avoid working on T1 orbital factories on more than one planet at a time
  • Uber no longer builds Solar Arrays
  • Uber uses Drifters only for hover purposes again
  • Uber prioritises local orbital recon over remote
  • Fix errors in Uber MLA's strategy for recovering from energy crashes
  • Uber more likely to use energy storage
  • Uber won't work on titans and nukes at the same time
  • Uber no longer builds the Horsefly
  • Uber delays its Spark build and uses less
  • Uber slower to grow its GIL-E presence
  • Uber treats getting off its starting planet when alone as its highest priority
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