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Update for changes in PA 114218, multi-planet improvements and tweaks to Bronze and Silver

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  • Uber will no longer open with double bot factories
  • Corrected Uber MLA not using advanced fabbers for T1 MEX expansion in some situations
  • Updated for Orbital Fabbers and Fabrication Starships being able to build T1 MEX
  • Avoid further unnecessary checks on gas giants
  • Don't count walls when performing offensive artillery evaluations
  • Bronze through Platinum will potentially respond to an orbital threat with an orbital factory
  • Bronze will only build orbital units that can defend themselves when its orbital base is threatened
  • Bronze more likely to build Unit Cannons on single-planet systems
  • Fixed Bronze not going orbital on single-planet systems even though there was supposed to be a small possibility
  • Bronze and Silver won't scale their orbital fabber presence on single-planet systems
  • Corrected errors in placement of Hives near perimeter MEX by Bronze and Silver
  • Corrected errors causing overbuild of certain types of defence by Casual and Bronze
  • Build Gustavs closer to Ramparts
  • Casual through Gold give a slightly lower priority to building Ramparts
  • Improved Silver's T2 economy builds
  • More likely to use interplanetary weapons
  • Silver won't start with an air factory anymore
  • Uber only uses T2 air for eco expansion when alone if the planet is large enough to justify it
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