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Multi-planet, air force and Uber FFA improvements among other things

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  • Casual through Platinum show more variance in which planets they choose to expand to
  • Resolve issue with some levels' failure to expand when starting with a naval factory
  • Uber requires less air dominance to use the Horsefly
  • Gold and Platinum prefer the Horsefly over the Kestrel
  • Silver no longer uses the Hornet
  • Fixed Uber not building more than one Horsefly concurrently
  • Uber properly handles the Horsefly being disabled
  • Uber maintains a smaller bomber/gunship presence when alone
  • Uber no longer maintains a fighter air force when alone
  • Gold through Uber produce less advanced fabbers when alone
  • Uber produces less fabbers when floating eco
  • Number of targets in range requirement higher for building advanced artillery
  • All difficulties will use Gustav's in defence
  • Uber more likely to make a defensive Gustav
  • Fixed Uber FFA not building tanks
  • Uber FFA expands as aggressively as other personalities again
  • Gold and above will not overreact with air defence when scouting air fabbers
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