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All Uber personalities have moved to a new approach to platoons and orbital issues have been fixed

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  • Uber Bot and Uber Rush can now start double bot
  • Updated Turkish (tr-TR) translation
  • Tidied up the formation of orbital platoons
  • Corrected an issue that was causing Uber to go orbital much later than it should
  • Updated Uber to ensure similar timing issues weren't occurring elsewhere
  • Updated Uber 1v1 and Uber Rush to ensure they don't prematurely enter orbital now the timing issues are fixed
  • Uber no longer attacks with Icarus as they would merge with bomber platoons and slow them down
  • Uber and its subpersonalities now use the same approach for most land platoons as the base game AI
  • Resolve issue where too many land platoons could be sent off world during an enemy invasion
  • Only build troops and factories for other planets if those planets can receive them
  • Improved Uber's checks on when to build a Unit Cannon
  • Uber responds faster to nukes when the Commander is in danger
  • Corrected error in Uber's Scythe build when responding to air threats
  • Corrected error in Uber's Praetorian build when responding to air titans
  • Improved reliability of Uber's anti-nuke builds to protect the Commander
  • Uber is less panicked by minor orbital threats
  • Updated new Uber platoons to more closely align them to the old Uber platoon squad assignments
  • Removed the tank opening from Uber FFA
  • Uber Bot and Uber Tank don't check whether they can form platoons of the other's type
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