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A focus on ensuring the continued proper differentiation of difficulty levels and smoothing out the curve a little. Silver is now more difficult.

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  • Translated Queller difficulties to local languages as best I can
    • Deutsch (de)
    • Français (fr)
      • Thanks to K-Orthic | Gamax

    • Italiano (it)

  • Uber builds support commanders in response to air titans
  • Silver is no longer capped on sending troops off-world
  • Bronze and Silver won't build an orbital factory as their first factory on a new world
  • Silver gives a higher priority to building a teleporter on new planets
  • Silver doesn't produce air when alone
  • Silver more likely to go orbital on multi-planet systems even when not alone
  • Tweaked when Silver, Gold and Platinum tech when alone
  • Silver will move fabbers by orbital transport a little quicker
  • Stopped Silver from wrecking its early economy by going orbital too quickly
  • Silver sends orbital fabbers off-world earlier
  • Fixed error with Silver not always forming bombing platoons when it should
  • Fixed error preventing Uber from using the Infiltrator in some situations
  • Silver produces less early orbital fabbers
  • Gold now sends basic AA with its invasion forces
  • Gold and Platinum will use the Grenadier as part of their invasions
  • Bronze can form an attacking platoon earlier
  • Gold no longer crashes its energy
  • Won't build an orbital factory unless it has established a meaningful fabber presence
  • Gold will build more fabbers when alone
  • Platinum uses less Shellers and GIL-Es
  • Fixed error in Uber Legion T1 energy builds
  • Platinum uses less Grenadiers
  • Silver will no longer go all air
  • Changed how Uber measures when it can build a Halley or Catalyst to make it more aggressive about doing so
  • Gold uses less Shellers
  • Gold uses more Vanguards
  • Gold will use Sparks in invasions
  • Updated difficulty recommendations
  • Uber can build tanks earlier
  • Uber will build more fabbers when alone
  • Implemented change to reduce chance of Uber wrecking its economy when going orbital alone
  • Uber faster to respond to late game energy shortages
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