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Queller has been updated for 87296, lots of bug fixes and support for new AI tests. Also a new subpersonality has been added: bot.

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Queller has been updated for 87296, lots of bug fixes and support for new AI tests. Also a new subpersonality has been added: bot.

  • Silver gives higher priority to Orbital Launcher on multi planet maps
  • Added support for new platoon performance savers
  • Added support for tests designed to stop interference with ally Halleys, Catalysts and Ragnaroks
  • Added missing personality checks for Locust platoons
  • Titan support added to Bronze and Silver
  • Won't try to destroy asteroids with Ragnaroks
  • Won't build torpedo launchers in land bases on non-symmetrical planets
  • Omegas can be used to form orbital to ground attack platoons in the same way an SXX can
  • Will no longer idle Orbital Factories if there's no orbital threat and alone on the planet
  • Will build SXXs at gas giants
  • No longer tries to (unsuccessfully) put the Zeus in bomber platoons
  • Ignores Kaiju when looking at fleet composition
  • Fixed errors in Gold, Platinum and Uber causing them to only look at surface water threats when making naval build and platoon choices
  • Fixed Platinum and Uber not building ships early on in certain situations
  • Turned off Typhoon at all levels due to issues in the AI's handling of the unit
  • Increase in threat required for Gold, Platinum and Uber to build Titans
  • Uber will build a Zeus when it's alone on a planet
  • Bronze and Silver avoid spamming Orbital Launchers and don't make it their first factory on a new world
  • Updated vanilla AI
  • Uber no longer sends orbital units offworld when they're still needed on the planet
  • Bronze can now send orbital units between worlds
  • Only Bronze will build Titans on asteroids
  • Enabled land Titans for all AI levels
  • Lowered the priority for Titans at Uber and Platinum
  • Titans can now be included in other hover and land platoons
  • Fixed an error which led to higher levels building too many Storms
  • Higher air threat required for Platinum and Uber to build Storms
  • Fixed all instances of missing personality checks
  • Added a new subpersonality - Bot
  • Three fabber personality trait now correctly covers naval as well
  • Uber will use the Icarus to correct energy issues when it's alone and metal is plentiful
  • Uber will produce more Stingrays when facing a large air threat
  • Uber better limits its Narwhal production
  • Smarter at judging whether ships should be produced from its factories on multi planet systems
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