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Final version of First Pixel Shooter released! Future of the series, the sequel, engines?

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If all goes well, version 2.2 will be the final release of First Pixel Shooter.

The game has been done for a long time, and there have just been so many fixes. This version is very late because I have been working on the sequel, but better late than never. Provided everything is good, all efforts will be focused on the sequel. As such, this game will no longer be supported. In that sense, the game will no longer be updated - it simply would not require the need to.

Eventually down the line (after Episode 2 release) I may make a F.P.S. engine for download. Not sure why but many people have asked for one. The 'engine' I've used for F.P.S. quite simply is the FPS Tutorial. Really no major overhauls; just new coats of paint. I also one day may release the .gmk, so people can mod the game and have some fun. For both cases working with the editable would not be ideal, the coding is a mess and would give everyone a headache.

In any case, I present version 2.2! Thanks everyone for testing, playing, reporting problems, and more. But it will soon be time for the sequel to shine!

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