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About the 2.1 version of MustaphaTR's D2K Mod for OpenRA.

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Hello, everyone. As the new OpenRA release came out on 25th, i went ahead and updated this mod to the new engine version too. Actually, i had done that after the first playtest, but an issue with the packaging scripts was preventing creation of the MacOS releases. I was excpecting SDK updates to fix it, so waited for the release. While, those didn't fix it, Penev found the issue when i asked about it on Discord, so here's the new version.

It is for the most part, just the engine update and the stuff that comes with it. But there are a few additions and fixes too. Here's the full changelong:

  • Updated the engine version to release-20230225.
  • Added the ingame Encyclopedia with info on the units and buildings.
  • Added Unholy Alliance lobby option.
  • Added Redeployable MCVs lobby option.
  • Added star symbol on the Upgrade Cameos when they are researched to differentiate done upgrades from unavailable ones.
  • Added symbols on light vehicle cameos to differentiate MG and Rocket versions of the same chassis.
  • AI now builds aircraft.
  • Fixed Content Manager crashing.
  • Fixed infantry not showing the gray move cursor for moving to infantry-only areas.
  • Fixed Ixian Repair Pad having 10x the health than it should.
  • Fixed Mercenaries not getting access to Ixian units from Starport, when they have access to them through normal production.
  • Fixed that Drones can attack Rocketeers.

Once again, i won't be uploading the files here, you can download the new version from the links below:

Windows (x86|x64) - Linux - MacOS X

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