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This article will go into further detail on what's coming in 2.0

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Version 2.0 houses many new features for both the Pacific and for a lesser extent Europe. New nations will include Siam, China, UK and the PLA. The PLA stands for peoples liberation front. People who are tired of living under the Communist system. This means the Soviet Union will be greatly weakened and distracted as both its territory and Army Navy and Air Force are split in half. This basically takes the Soviet Union out for either most of the game or the PLA will emerge as victors . As for Europe the EPA gains a new member-France also the nations of Norway and Sweden form their own faction and fight against the Finns. The Pacific adds Chineese and Siameese aggression into UK Burma and India. As a member of the PPA why haven't I added the U.S you ask well I plan too-but not yet I want the U.S to be a key player not kill everybody at game start.

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