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Discouraged Workers has been updated on Steam and Humble, Itch. This faithfully fulfills the missions of the project.

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discouraged workers v184244

Hello Guardians,

I am Lee Yunseok, creator of YGGDRASIL STUDIO. Today, Discouraged Workers has been updated twice. This faithfully fulfills the missions of the project.


  • Update: Version >
  • Reworked: Riding Style animation has been reworked.
    1. All three pieces of riding style have been changed.
    2. Each animation is fully displayed on each screen.
    3. All animations are displayed in a Hole. I hope you know what it means.
    4. This has significantly reduced the burden on the device. It should work fine on low-end devices as well.
  • Reworked: CCCanon BGM has been reworked.
    1. This BGM has been replaced with easily recognizable musical instruments.
    2. Because past works were lost in two accidents. Current Discouraged Workers are decompiled and updated from past Steam builds. Also, my environment changed a year ago. So I can't use or record traditional Korean musical instruments anymore.
  • Replaced: All BGMs were downsampled to 192kbps.
    1. Downsampled all BGMs from 256kbps to 184kbps~236kbps.
    2. With this you will have about 30MB of free disk space more.
  • Fixed: Identified broken translation since last update.
    1. Two TTS voices in Blind-friendly mode.
    2. BGM names on the Unlocked screen.
    3. Credits title on the Ending Credit screen.
  • Update: Extras DLC
    1. Android Universial APK
    2. Raspberry Pi build
    3. This DLC reduced the download size by about 50MB.
  • Update: OST DLC
    1. Reworked CCCanon has replaced the old version.
    2. High-quality FLAC users need about 70MB more disk space.

Thank you for read this article. See you soon.

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