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Quick bug fix release as well as a new mini-map feature. More information coming soon regarding the new hobbies feature.

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Client Version 1.5.4

Last Friday we had a big release and we found a couple of issues we wanted to get patched up so we're releasing a new version today.

This version is mainly a fix release, but we did add in one new helpful feature to the minimap.

The minimap player icon now shows which direction your avatar is facing. This is a minor update, but this will be very helpful with our upcoming treasure hunting hobby. :)

Release Notes


- When in Tutorial Island or Sunset Isle player direction is now indicated on minimap

- Various tutorials in Tutorial Island updated so that they're accurate to some of the interface changes we've made recently


- Microphone and Mute Voice chat options removed from audio settings until voice chat returns

- Server connection now properly closed when exiting client

- Saved Media list in Media Manager no longer visibly cut off at bottom.

- Fixed issue with item buttons/graphcs not loading correctly on newly added Destinations, Market and Inventory on some systems.

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