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A new version of CaveExpress was released today. It includes a new campaign, bugfixes and new particles.

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Snow particlesToday I've released version 1.4 of CaveExpress. There is a new campaign of the ice theme included. Some of the reported bugs were fixed and also some new features are included.


  • Fixed the width of the Extra window on some devices
  • Fixed invalid alpha handling for some textures
  • Improved joystick support
  • Improved keyboard and joystick UI management
  • A new campaign with some new maps
  • Fixed shutdown issues on Android
  • Improved the map editor
  • Implemented alternating rising and falling water
  • Fixed dropping of packages under some circumstances
  • Fixed sound problems on Android on shutdown or muting
  • Fixed intro map bug on Windows
  • Snow particles for the ice maps
  • Some new ice theme map tiles

I've also started to update the homepage at Caveproductions.org

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