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The new version 1.4 of Animal Forest has just been implemented! Let me begin with an apology for the player wipe. Now let me continue with a you're welcome for the updates!

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When registering an account on the client, it automatically creates a forum account for you.
You can now see objects being flinged at other players.
Some spells now have graphical effects.
Items can now have animations.
Added Lights to the roads to increase visibility.

There are now 2 Halls. The main hall has trainers like "Badger Trainer", "Squirrel Trainer". These teachers only teach the basic skills. This will prevent new players who don't understand too much yet from putting all their skill points in a skill useless for them as a beginner. The other Hall will have all your other lovable old trainers.
Water is easier to find and more around the map.
More mining rocks have been added to this map.
Salys now cures all of your hunger and not just a portion of it.
Flinging damage is now actually based off of your skill.
The higher your running skill, the faster you can run.
Fixed player disappearing bug in burrows.
Increased FPS from 25 to 100. It seems to have fixed some of the slight graphical issues.

You are now granted a burrow certificate at your 4000 second interval. (About 4 hours of game play.)
Scrounging has been fixed. Before the system was a little screwy with the rarity of items. Such as, you would find more Ironwood logs than regular logs. This has been fixed.

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