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The Frogatto announces the release of Version 1.3. Available for Mac/Windows/Linux/iPhone/Android.

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Version 1.3:

  • Expansion and improvements to the plot and dialogue, adding new cutscenes that give you a closer look at the antagonists' motives.
  • Several new levels were added to the dungeon environment; with some of them being optional, there's much more to explore now.
  • Some new enemies to be vanquished: a red bat that's much more tenacious than the regular ones, and the hard-hitting ninja-kitty, that has many tools at his disposal to fight you. And these are just a few examples!
  • New difficulty level: Challenging. Some enemies will be faster, hardier, smarter, or all of those put together.
  • A better "New Game/Load Game" screen, that allows the selection of save slots.
  • New power-up system, based on a common "mana" resource - now players can choose what powers to use at any time, if they've acquired them and have enough mana to use them.
  • Two new power-ups: Fire-breath attack and an energy shot that homes in on enemies.
  • Graphical improvements abound: ground tiles on most environments were reworked, adding better perspective, and being improved on in general.
  • Lots of new objects show up in the foreground and background, giving more depth and diversity to each map.
  • Many new tracks were added to the soundtrack, while most of the previous repertoire has been enhanced.
  • A much wider and smarter usage of sound effects; now you'll be able to notice flying enemies' wings flapping, kitties running around, and even the sounds Frogatto make are when moving around are dependent on terrain.

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