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This version features German, French and Polish localizations as well as tweaks and some fixes.

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Last Knight is now finally playable in other languages then just English! German, French and Polish localizations have been added. All text of the game has been completely translated to those languages.

Here is the update video that also shows some things of the 1.19 which have not been shown before in motion:

You can also catch some of the randomly generated hats there. Speaking of hats, a wooly hat is now required for unlocking the Big Xmas Chow Down mode. But since I don't want to take that mode away from you, when you already played it, there is a wooly hat that you can download which then unlocks the gamemode again. It is one for the Knight, you can see it in the video. It is not the prettiest but you can always find your own randomly generated wooly as well as other hats. Also changed is the requirement for the First Person View and the Bird's Eye View, those are basically switched. First Person takes now 10 Chivalry and Bird's Eye 20. I did this because I think the First Person View is easier, both are pretty hard though.

The update can now be downloaded for PC and Mac.

1.2 wrote:
Change Notes:
- Added German localization
- Added French localization
- Added Polish localization
- Added Controls graphics (options/tutorial)
- Added new startup video and startup image
- Added Dust land FX for Master in Tutorial
- Fixed Level 3 Story telling not showing up (1.91 bug)
- A wooly hat is now required for the Big Xmas Chow Down mode
- First Person View requires now 10 Chivalry
- Bird's Eye View requires now 20 Chivalry
- Tweaked some small things in story telling
- Tweaked Horned Buckets AI
- Tweaked Barrels
- Tweaked lance fx
- Tweaked Level end standing time

I also made some progress on the new game mode side of things. I recently added volcanoes to the stylized 3d map:

The first Extended Edition Version that will include the new game mode is scheduled to release this month! (It will be also a free update.)

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