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Finally, MUCH more polished version with MUCH more content. A LOT of things were changed and added, ALL known bugs are fixed. This is final version of game but not of build, if there's will be any bug-reports, I'll make a "c" build. Only 16:9 monitors are supported, minimal resolution must be 1280x720. See list of changes in description.

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- NEW: Forest at the beginning is now accesible and you can walk there
- NEW: Additional cut-scene in abstract comix-style
- NEW: Additional abstract location
- NEW: Additional paranormal encounters in offices
- NEW: Additional text parts, edited exist lines, some others were cut
- NEW: Some funny drawings added to offices
- EDIT: Completely redone Main menu
- EDIT: Completely redone Pause menu
- EDIT: Controls scheme is redone, now simpler
- EDIT: Player movement motor completely redone
- EDIT: Offices classroom completely redone
- EDIT: Desert location redone, now you follow lights in darkness, more duneblasts added
- EDIT: Crouch ability has been cut
- EDIT: Pause possibility has been cut
- EDIT: Auto-settings option has been cut
- EDIT: Last level render is now more soft
- FIX: Optimized levels, removing of not good 3D models and reduced amount of lights
- FIX: Offices and desert are now separated locations, if you die you will not start in the cabin
- FIX: Repeatable triggers fixed
- FIX: A text after first teleport is now easy readible, trigger fixed
- FIX: Teleporter triggers in another dimension are now closer to player
- FIX: Dead soldier from classroom removed
- FIX: Desert buildings are now fixed

Screenshots from version 1.0

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