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To be exact: the 1.191 is released! Big Xmas Chow Down integrated, improved Buckets AI, 21:9 and FPV camera controls.

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Took me some time longer to get this new version wrapped up. Got trouble here and there, anyway it is finished now and I ended up putting quite a lot of changes/fixes in.

Cave Entrance

Most importantly the "Big Xmas Chow Down" mode is now also in the full game. Previously it was available as a free standalone. I also added the randomly generated snowmen and the needle trees without the decoration to the endless modes and some levels. If you have not yet you can check out the Big Xmas Chow Down mode here:

There are also videos of Youtubers playing it in the previous news post: Indiedb.com
Important among the fixes is the fix for the "Into the Dark" level bug, also called "into the trees" bug. There got something messed up in the 1.18 which forced the player to always ride into the trees on the side.

Snowy and a Hitler snowman

The Horned Buckets Heads got a big overhaul of their AI in the 1.19. Before this version I had optimized him which also ended up making him more stupid. The biggest problem was that he would always happily align for you almost perfectly. So I realized I have to change him a lot. The first changes I made on his AI turned out to be pretty awful. Basically he was then total A...hole, he would do some weird twitching movement which made it really hard to aim on him. Then he would also sometimes randomly dodge in the last second of the joust. I then ended up giving him a lot more things to take in account. Like if you currently strafe and what the current distance is. Rather complex for such a easy mechanic but he seems to have some intelligence now. I'm not sure though if he is too hard to handle now since jousting them shouldn't be much more of a difficulty then all the other dangers in the world of Last Knight. It should definitely be much more challenging now to get the "Smashing" bonus points though.

Beheaded Bucket

Among the previously added aspect ratios there is now also the 21:9 ratio which really is 64/27 and for some "64/27" resolutions it is also little different ratios. Don't ask me, ask the crazy display designers. I had to change some things for it but the ratio works surprisingly well even though it really is not a game for which such widescreen makes much sense. 21:9 should also make it clear that the world is really round with the round world mutator. Without it is of course a flat plane!

Round World

Also added is some camera control for First person, so you can look around a little. You might have not much time for looking around but it can help for timing jumps. As you might know from FPS platforming parts looking down before you jump off a platform can help a lot. I had to darken your neck now so you can't look down your throat! Thing is the camera is rather centered on your neck so you can also see something of your body and horse while not having to use a huge FOV for it.

Jumping over log

Change-Notes wrote:
- Added "Big Xmas Chow Down" Gamemode (was available as a standalone before)
- Added randomly generated snowmen and needle trees to Endless modes and some levels.
- Added 21:9 resolutions
- Added FPV camera controls
- Added some more world geometry
- Improved Horned Bucket Heads intelligence greatly (Maybe too much)
- Fixed story telling graphical glitches (of 1.19)
- Fixed missing light bakes (of 1.19)
- Fixed needle trees in credits screen (of 1.19)
- Fixed "Into the dark" level ride into the trees bug (of 1.18)
- Fixed collision issue with "kick or ban" story screen
- Fixed some issues with camera death controls
- Fixed a issue with the Snake Curves mutator
- Fixed a rare issue with targets popping in
- Fixed click area of "play tutorial being too small"
- Fixed some small issues with the 3rd level
- Fixed some things for the Round World mutator
- Fixed Issue with mutator score bonus
- Fixed sometimes showing old distance for some secs at start (of 1.18)
- Fixed messy geometry of a graveyard piece
- Fixed Buckets sometimes falling down with no apparent reason (of 1.18)
- Fixed some sounds issues with snowing weather and graveyard
- Fixed some issue with the story telling cameras
- Tweaked first Bucket of the story (very hard to miss)
- Tweaked Thunder (easier)
- Tweaked Hats droprate to be more likely
- Tweaked starving fx

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