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Changes to match those made to the MLA alongside some bugfixes

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Version 1.18.0 - 2021-01-15


  • Changed UNITTYPE tags assigned to Investigator when in radar mode
  • Updated file shadows


  • Land
    • Corsair
      • Increased LOS from 100 to 115
      • Removed underwater LOS
    • Tola
      • Can now be built by the Commander
  • Orbital
    • Starship Projector
      • Reduced build cost from 1500 to 600
      • Can now be built by the Commander
    • Starship Factory
      • Increased build cost from 3600 to 6000


  • Add check for UNITTYPE_Mobile to all new platoons


  • Fixed icon assignment for Infiltrator's spy camera

v1.17.1 - 2020-12-17


  • Update file shadows


  • Land
    • Advanced Mass Extractor
      • Increased metal income from 15 to 16
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