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Updates for PA 114344 along with balance changes, bugfixes, and AI improvements.

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  • Updated Rampart ammo mirroring
  • Updated MLA unit file shadows
  • Removed FX files we don't need to shadow
  • Code clean-up
  • Legion commanders moved to the bottom of the commander selection list
  • Improved the Theodor's description


  • Adjusted how specialist unit ratios are measured to avoid them sitting in the base without a platoon
  • Prioritise building Marauders when intel is required
  • Ensure platoons don't conflict with other mods
  • Scouts with the Catfish if air is unavailable
  • Builds the Necromancer
  • Fixed error resulting in too many Purgers being built


  • Land
    • Necromancer
      • Explosion on death removed
      • Health reduced from 2500 to 250
    • Purger
      • Removed target priorities
  • Sea
    • Manta
      • Prioritises bombers and gunships first
  • Orbital
    • Centurion
      • Anti-ground weapon range reduced from 100 to 80
    • Rig
      • Build cost reduced from 3600 to 3000
      • Health reduced from 3600 to 3000
      • Energy income reduced from 10800 to 7500
      • Metal income reduced from 43 to 30
    • Starship Projector
      • Build cost reduced from 2000 to 1500


  • Fixed broken MLA translations
  • Fixed incorrect build costs for MLA T2 factories
  • Fixed Gil-E not shooting down Stingray missiles
  • Fixed Skitter navigation type and build completion sound
  • Fixed Purgers not attacking in some situations
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