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Here is the new Changelog for the upcoming 1.1 update feedback is welcome as usual

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In this release it will cover certain flag mistakes i may have made in the previous version 1.0. Feedback is welcome

Fixed Hejaz's Monarchy flag to have the right tricolor
Fixed Transvaal Monarchy Union Jack
Fixed Orange Free State Communist Colors
Fixed Communist and Kingdom flags for Crete
Fixed Trieste Communist to not be an eyesore
Changed Ukrainian Communist, Kingdom and Fascist Flag
Fixed Proportions of Fascist Arabia Flag
Added New Baden Republic and Communist flag
Fixed colors of Bavarian Communist Flag, Democracy, Republic flags and added a new Fascist flag
Fixed Travancore Kingdom flag
Changed Baroda democracy flag
Fixed Jaipur to incorporate the Pentacolor flag
Changed Kalat Flags
Added new Jaisalmer Fascist, Democracy and Monarchy flags
Fixed colors of Anhalt flags
Fixed and added new Bastar flags
Fixed and added new Bikaner flags
Fixed the stretched Switzerland flag
Changed Manchukuo’s Communist flag
Changed all of the Nepalese flags to more historical variants
Changed Democracy, Republic and fascist variants of Oman
Changed Natalia fascist flag
Changed Slovakian Communist flag
Swapped Spanish Democracy flag to the Republic flag and vice versa
Fixed proportions of Texas Democracy and Republic flags
Edited Tunisia Monarchy flag to correct colors and changed the Arabic in the fascist (hopefully) to make more sense
Changed Democracy, Republic, Fascist, and Monarchy flags of Transylvanian to more semi-historical variants
Changed Wallachia Democracy and republic Flags
Edited Yemen Monarchy flag to have the writing larger
Edited Yugoslavian Democracy, Communist flags and changed the Republic flag to match the Democracy variant
Fixed quality of Mexican Communist Hammer and Sickle
Changed Estonia, Latvia and Lithuanian Communist flag to their older variants
Removed AK-47s from Colombian Communist flag for obvious reasons
Changed Swedish Communist flag to historical socialist party
Removed the Swastika from the Swedish Fascist flag and replaced it with a Vasakärven and sword
Removed the Swastika from the Danish Fascist flag and replaced it the Schalburg Corps symbol
Changed the Communist Swiss flag
Changed the Communist Greek flag

Here are a couple of previews for the flags I changed

Nepal Preview

Ukraine Preview

Transylvania Preview


Can you Make Hong Kong Flag and add more German States as well for Hitler Flag, Napoleon III Flag 1852 to 1870 Alsace-Lorraine flag German Empire 1870 to 1918.

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Blackfalcon501 Author

Uhh well i cant quite understand what you are trying to say but i get it. For adding states i have decided not to do my own thing and rather work on making a compatibility patch with the HPM instead

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