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We made some progress. We are prepping to release a simple update. We have level 2, we have a tittle screen. We have shadows (some shadows).

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As we fill out the game I realize how much game development is like writing. When I used to write text in the past I used to make a note of every point I want to hit, and then just fill in the space between the points. In order to develop this game using unity, without having any prior knowledge of unity we decided to break the game-play apart. Every distinguishable game element is a point. And we are flushing out the spaces between.Goals for the demo were just the:-load-move-quitGoals for 1.1 are:-Tittle screen-Level 2-Save Continue mechanicsAfter covering these point we can just add scenes to the project and play around with the in game mechanics, which is why people want to be game developers. Nobody wants to write tittle and menu screen scripts. At this point we can start working on the nice stuff. We are going to need a model for the character since the capsule collider isn’t perfect for cut scenes and shadows and reflections. We need NPC-s to tell the story (oh yeah, we have a story for this #####). So, 1.1 should be out by 28.08.2013 maybe sooner.

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