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Version 1.1 of Inescapable with various game play updates is now available here on Desura, and the game has received more great press coverage.

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Hi everyone,

Version 1.1 of Inescapable is now available here on Desura. These are the main updates/changes:

  • Fixed sound init problem for some Windows 7 users
  • Improved support for certain USB gamepads
  • Shock absorbers now reduce all falling damage to zero
  • Strong updrafts are now more visually distinct from others
  • Fixed a bug where a key reappeared even after collected
  • Made some underwater jumps easier
  • Improved physical layout of some neighbouring rooms to make more sense
  • Fixed a typo in the story text

The game was also recently featured in the German magazine "Retro", and was reviewed by French retro site Ordi Retro, who also did an interview with me about the development of the game.

More recently, Matthew Zulawski of the excellent Metroidvanias Tumblr awarded the game "Best PC Metroidvania You Didn't Play of 2013", and it was also featured as a notable game in Indiegames.com's Top 10 Indie Horror Games of 2013.


Trailer looks awesome! It was as though I was 8 years old again!

On the list of things to get in 2014!

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