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Hello comrades, General Red here, developer of RedWar 1802. Version 1.1 Alpha is completed. You can see the newest features on the mod summary page.
I would like to talk to you guys about my mod though. This mod is based off Mount and Empire, a successful and revolutionary single player mod for Mount and Blade Warband. At the moment, many textures are the same from my mod and theirs. I can assure you, this will change within the full release of the mod.
Since I was a kid, I had always dreamed about making a video game exactly how I wanted. With Mount and Blade being such a modifiable sandbox game, that dream has become a reality. This is my first mod and I am trying to keep it simple-moderately complex. Thanks for the support guys, if you want to see anything added to the mod, leave a comment below.

For the first order of business, I do have a slight plan to the development.
1. Finish all faction troop trees
2. Get new models and textures from the current Mount and Empire textures.
3. Rework a new quest system.
Even though Mount and Blade Warband is a sandbox game, I want RedWar1802 to have a set RPG style storyline in which you either destroy or save Aredia. Thats my last goal though. Units are first.

Thanks again for stopping by the page and I hope you enjoy the mod when it is released.

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