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Lots and lots of polish, prettiness, and map editing features!

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We're gearing up to our eventual release and we've been working on prettying up the game as much as possible. This includes a brand spanking new graphical overhaul, a new website (www.exatogames.com), map editing features to make maps prettier than ever, and lots more in game stuff (like turning into a cute little snowman when frozen in game).

Be sure to check out the free beta while it still lasts (which is not much longer)! You'll even snag yourself the free survival pack.

Full Notes:
* Bug fixes including the 'can't join with minigun/catgun issue'
* Enabled localisation - it should detect english, spanish, french, italian, german or you can select it in settings
* Tank Turret/Body indication in HUD for tank
* Voxel importer is now configurable by editing the MinecraftConversion file located in Content
* Can disable chat in settings
* New enemy in onslaught, the Graboid; waves have been made more difficult
* Being frozen transforms you into a snowman
* Constantly emit invincibility shields while you're invincible
* Added pyramid, cylinder brushes to free build
* Added Copy (ctrl+c), Cut (ctrl+x), Paste (ctrl+v) to free build
* Clan applications now display kills, deaths, kdr for applicants
* New sounds: Ambience, footsteps, jump, onslaught enemies
* Updated all maps to have an ambient selection
* Survival pack available - New skin: Lumberjack - New weapon: Mermaid - New weapon: Hatchet


This reminds me of "Ace of Spades"...

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yep reminds me of "Ace of Spades" :)))

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