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New underground lab/dungeon level and usability improvements.

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This version introduces Stage 4, called "cave" in the main menu.

Our heroine pursues the previous boss through the underground labs, where monstergirls are tortured and slaughtered in experiments. Rescue them for extra points, watch for suicide-bomb zombies, try not to hit brainwashed beegirls and birdgirls, and fight alongside a fire-breathing wyrmgirl.

Also some usability improvements:

  • The Focus button is now the Alt Fire button. As a Touhou-style modifier, this button confused some players as its effect was not obvious when used alone. Now it simultaneously fires and enters focus mode, CAVE-style.
  • If you have an Xbox-style controller, the game can refer to your inputs by Xbox names. Also the tutorial reflects your actual control settings.
    • This requires a mapping for your controller. The game includes mappings for common controllers. Instructions for adding unsupported controllers are coming soon.
    • If you have existing settings, you should reset them to defaults to ensure this will work. The game will prompt you to do so before starting.
  • In menus, you can move with any controller axis and select with any button.

There are still some hours left on the 50% off sale: Itch.io After that it will be 20% off for a week.

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