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Version 0.2.10 of the pre-alpa has been released. Lots of gameplay updates and tons of bug fixes are included in this version.

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Version 0.2.10 has been released!

Make sure and grab the build here.

There have been MAJOR game play changes in this build. Previously, we felt the game was getting to far from it's "Big, Stompy, Robot" roots. To help bring us back to the correct pacing nearly every part has been tweaked. The original 4 weapons are still in, for testing purposes, so you can compare them to the newer weapons.

The first change we made was to slow down all the projectiles. Since everything was based on real world physics, there was no difference between the weapon types. You could use a howitzer as a make-shift sniper cannon and kill other players incredibly easily. So, we implemented a system that lets us fudge the physics a little to achieve a much better game play balance. Howitzers have been given much slower projectiles, a much larger kick, a wider shot spread, and a slightly reduced range. In fact, all of the weapons now have a much shorter range. Also sniper rifles have decreased bullet speed, so be sure to lead the targets. The machine guns actually benefited from a much higher bullet speed, but it has been balanced with a much shorter range. They are great for hit and run tactics.

With the weapons tweaked, we moved on to tweaking the speed of the legs. There is now a very noticeable speed difference between the tank treads and the reverse joint legs. The leg speed now matches very nicely to the overall pacing of the game.

Bug Fixes

We took a big chunk of the bugs listed in our bug report section of the forums and got them fixed.

We fixed up some of the UI issues people had on 4:3 monitors, cleanup a lot of the graphical glitches from the 0.2.9 release, Fixed the mouse cursor being visible during game play, the -1 ammo display bug, and many others

Going Forward

We are now working on a major update for version 0.3.0, which is our first Alpha milestone. As a small preview of what is to come in the next few weeks:

1. Round based Multiplayer system.
2. Monetary system integrated with gameplay.
3. Player inventory for purchased parts.
4. Placeable buildings and defensive structures (turrets/walls)
5. Basic in game economy for earning more money for parts
6. 3rd set of legs (bipedal)
7. End of round stats, broken down by each player/team.

Also, if you have any questions, please ask! Either a comment here or a post on the forums, and we will do our best to answer it quickly!


Yay!! You guys are my heroes! Keep up the awesome work!

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