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Fixed level loading in Linux, added 5 new soundtracks, added 1 new boss, fixed several critical issues and reworked playlists and added PLENTY of new taunts!

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Portal Mortal - Version

Some of the changes in this build are:

  • Added small arrows to show the direction of portals.
  • Added speech bubbles when players are writing.
  • Added new boss: Mechanic Fist.
  • Added new taunts.
  • Added new block "Audio emitter".
  • Added new block "Shake block".
  • Added new weather options.
  • Fixed bug where shooting portal just before dying would cause the game to crash.
  • Fixed menu jumping on lower FPS.
  • Fixed player gaining a huge speed boost when running through a portal.
  • Minimizing the game window won't mess with graphics.

Read "README!.txt" for more patch notes!


  • Some sync problems in multiplayer.


What's next?

This build took almost as much as the previous one, maybe even longer! Up next: Fixing that sync problem in multiplayer and maybe even adding proper collectibles? Who knows! I'm going to spent some time fixing player's behavior on ice and air, since I'm not quite satisfied with it, yet. So much room for the improvements...

Linux version is back (again)! It took some time, but I managed to fix level loading issues. It only affected levels packed with the game, but downloaded levels worked just fine. I hope I can offer stable build version after version for now on and there won't be any similar situations which would force me to drag down Linux version. We can only wish for the best... and fear for the worst.

Reddit: Reddit.com
Website: Portalmortal.net
Twitter: Twitter.com

Portal Mortal - Beta (Windows only)

Portal Mortal - Beta (Linux only)

Meanwhile, please, do enjoy!

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