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New survival mode, 1 new hero, 5 new stages, 2 new enemies, 2 new boss. 3 new items, 2 new rides !

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Hi everybody,

I've been working hard on the game for the past weeks. The highlight of this new version are the new survival mode appearing in the game. This should extend the game life a little. Also, the new hero ultimate will allow the player to control any humanoid in the game ! A lot of new power to test for all of them ! Finally, the (fat) baby dragon will allow you to ride him and fly freely with a small ice ball for weapon.

I also planned all the remaining stage : 3 deserts, 1 mountain and 1 village. I expect to finish them in 1 or 2 week and will try my luck on Steam Greenlight. I hope to have your support !



- Graphic overhaul here and there

- Bug corrections

- New survival mode for 1 or 2 players with 2 actual version :
1) Cooperation : Player 1 and 2 must survive has many waves as possible
2) Competition : Player 2 can control any monster and must kill player 1.

- 1 new biome : Snow stages

- 5 new stages :
1) Swamp 2 : Classic swamp stage with poison water and traps.
2) River 3 : Cross the river on a raft. Do not fall in the poison water ! Attack barricades to detonate them and move forward.
3) Snow 1 : Discover dragons, either as a boss or a ride !
4) Snow 2 : Watch your step on icy floor as you jump from summit to summit !
5) Village 4 : Buy new useful items there

- 1 new hero : The Ninja
Melee attack
Shuriken : Throw 2 shurikens
Clone : Create a clone to help your for 15 sec
Invisibility : Becomes invisible and critical hit on first strike
Possession : Control the first enemy touched !
Swift (passive) : 25% chance to dodge attacks

- 2 new enemies :
Yeti Brawler :
Melee attack
Rock Throw
Body Slam
Boulder Crush
Heavy Hitter (passive) : 25% chance to stun with basic attack
Yeti Mage :
Melee Attack
Ice Spikes
Ice Ball
Ice Shield
Boulder Crush
Heavy Hitter

- 3 new items :
1) Dragon Egg : Summon a baby dragon to ride near dragon nests
2) Dragon scale : Repair 50% of your armor if you have any
3) Bone key : Open bone gates

- 1 new mechanism :
1) Icy floor : Watch your steps on it !

- 2 new rides :
1) Raft : Same as a boat but no cannon...
2) Baby Dragon : More stable than the flyform and can use ice ball !

- 2 new boss :
1) Blob, the goo spitter : Dodge his spits !
2) Tyrant, the dragon lord : It's getting hot !

- 1 new quest : Dragon Bounty (to unlock Ninja hero)


And some screen to finish :

User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image

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