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We have released our early alpha demo for all of you to play and test! Get the demo right away and create your army to keep the villagers safe, There are no restrictions in this demo so you can test all features!

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We have released our first demo. This demo contains one short mission, so everyone can test out the features and the feel of the game. You have to defend the villagers from incoming waves of enemies which include warriors and archers.

To do so you can build creations with the provided pieces without any limitations. In this demo there are no resources so you can try out every piece and gun.

There will be waves of enemies walking towards the village and you have to defend the villagers, if the villagers die you will fail the mission. To achieve victory you must destroy every wave that comes at you. Thos waves will start out easy with only warriors and will end up being mixed with archers and warriors.

If you are busy building your creations you do not have to worry about the waves as the game will be paused, we all know how much time it takes to build the perfect creation. ;)

Enemies will target your creations and destroy them piece by piece.


Build armored creations or go for scout creations with high speed and alot of gun power.



Set your creations to AI firing mode if they contain turrets or mount them yourself for some close combat.



Get the download here: Download Demo

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Thank you for reading and have a good time with the demo!


WOOO! Its finally here :D

if theres bugs where do i report it?

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SGameStudio Author

You can post them as comments to the download itself :)
If you have time it would be nice if you could post your experience aswell, what you thoguht of the demo and such :)

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i'll go try it somewhere tonight :)

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btw I wrote something on the download page, you might want to check it out :)

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