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Cleaning up some issues identified following the previous release, improving the player of Uber Naval and Uber Bot, and in making Uber more willing to tech in general.

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  • Sparks counted towards platoon formation
  • Uber builds Sparks later
  • Tweak to when Inferno/Mauls built
  • Uber Bot no longer uses Sparks
  • Uber less likely to spam storage or build it early
  • Uber less cautious about teching
  • Uber uses more bots on larger worlds
  • Won't build T2 air for fast expand if it's floating or if it's unable to expand
  • Slight tweak to Uber to try and focus on expanding land presence when no naval threat
  • Uber Naval ignores the limits on naval expansion
  • Increased space around naval factories to reduce chance of them getting blocked off
  • Spark properly excluded from heavy unit checks
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