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Release including support for the Legion Expansion.

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May not work correctly on builds earlier than 94157.

  • Added support for the Legion Expansion
    • Big thanks to Alpha2546 and Graushwein for their help
  • Sub-Personality changes:
    • Removed Uber Eco
    • Uber Dox renamed Uber Rush
    • Added Uber Land: ignores the water completely
    • Added Uber Naval: gets in the water as fast as it can
    • Added Uber Tank: no bots used
    • Added Uber Aggressive: it's Uber but a little more rash
    • Uber Air is now Uber but without the air limits
    • Uber Turtle is now Uber Cautious: a more conservative and tech happy Uber
  • Smarting spacing between defences for Uber
  • Uber looks to have a greater air presence before bringing out bombers and gunships
  • No more idle scouts in base
  • Implemented a nasty hack to work around the bomber_attack neural net being broken so that bombers and gunships will leave the base
  • Uber doesn't use scouts for artillery vision any more
  • Check if fighters are needed somewhere before attaching them to bombers
  • No longer sacrifices air defence for mine vision in its platoons
  • Uber doesn't wait for you to go orbital before building Orbital Factories
  • Errors in T1 bot and T2 vehicle factory placement fixed
  • Resolved issue which prevented the building of vehicle factories when alone
  • Uber switches to Kaijus if getting overwhelmed by subs
  • Uber properly defends its orbital lasers with fighters like it's supposed to
  • Uber uses Sparks to fight tanks not bots
  • Uber is better at hording its air force
  • Uber only goes advanced bots for torpedoes or to counter orbital or when bot rushed
  • Uber favours the Ares and Zeus over the Atlas
  • Uber won't build the Zeus when it doesn't have a strong lead in the air
  • Uber more cautious about rushing a nuke when it has a planetary threat to deal with but throws more resources at building it
  • Properly checks air factory ratios
  • Fixed bug preventing Platinum properly building Hummingbirds
  • Fix for Zeus stopping Gold reinforcing its Kestrels
  • Gold is more active with its fighters
  • Bronze and Silver don't clump their anti-nukes together
  • Bronze and Silver send Support Commanders through teleporters
  • Bronze and Silver transport Support Commanders by Astraeus
  • Advanced fabbers will build Pelters at Gold or higher
  • Bronze and Silver no longer position Holkins specifically to target Commanders
  • Silver no longer smashes with its primary eco planet
  • Some minor performance improvements
  • Silver and Platinum are a little rasher with their armies, while Bronze is more conservative
  • Higher levels try to be smarter about not building MEXs near threats
  • Titans excluded from standard platoons as pathfinding does not play nice and it could stop the AI attacking
  • Won't build orbital lasers if no surface threats remain in the system
  • Uber now less predictable in the late game especially on higher resource bonuses
  • Fixed a bug where Titans never left the base
  • Uber gives higher priority to Commander snipes with Holkins
  • Updated to work with the latest Planetary Annihilation release
    • Thanks to mikeyh and PRoeleert for their help with this
  • Uber less likely to build advanced defences to allow greater focus on factories and super weapons
  • Uber commits more fabbers to Titan builds if it can
  • Uber updated for change in radar ranges
  • Uber more aggressive about using Pelters against Commanders
  • Uber tries to better protect itself against air snipes
  • Bronze now better recognises existence of Drifter
  • Bronze and Silver no longer build naval factories at the same time as other factories
  • Bronze never area builds
  • Cap on the number of Pelters Silver can build per base
  • Bronze is more likely to try for a Ragnarok
  • Bronze now correctly checks Advanced Air Fabber ratio
  • Bronze no longer produces T1 units from T2 factories
  • Bronze will include Drifters in standard armies
  • Limit building of Orbital Factories by Gold and Platinum
  • Fix unnecessary travel between Orbital Factory builds
  • Bronze builds a broader range of units in the Unit Cannon
  • Uber Tech now properly checks requirements of an Advanced Vehicle Factory
  • Uber now properly checks requirements of an Advanced Bot Factory in all situations
  • Uber T2 bot usage properly regulated according to whether it's a land, naval or lava map
  • More specialised usage of single laser turrets for base defence
  • Uber no longer builds Booms, Locusts or Grenadiers
  • Uber uses less GIL-Es when it uses them at all
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