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Improvements in use of hover/amphibious units, naval on mixed maps, and various bug fixes.

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  • Booms will now use teleporters
  • Tries to figure out whether the blockage to its land forces is water or lava
  • Improved amphibious checks by looking at historical enemy forces not just current ones
  • Fixed Uber still trying to use Krakens alone
  • Improved use of naval forces against shore targets
  • Largest land and bot platoons were incorrectly capped with a maximum size
  • Removed platoons that are no longer used
  • Completely removed all duplicate build condition names
  • Fixed issues with some personalities not sending orbital units to other planets
  • Fixed issue preventing Uber from rushing nukes when the enemy has no anti-nukes
  • Titans better integrated into platoons
  • Fixed issue preventing Support Commanders being built
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