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There has been numerous bug fixes since v2.1.0.2...

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Changes and Fixes:

- Fixed a bug with the Titlescreen menu being frozen after having died
- Fixed a bug that could crash the game when checking a potentially null sound channel to see if there's music currently playing
- Fixed a bug with the Titlescreen music not playing
- Fixed a bug with the "Back" button on the character creation screen not working after selecting the "New Game" button from the in-game main menu
- Re-organized and fixed the code in the Asset Manager to prevent a cascade of problems when an asset failed to load properly
- Fixed some bugs in the Asset Manager for loading mods (found that adding mods of existing items were not updating the values correctly)
- Fixed a game crashing bug with characters (including the Player) checking for road tiles in the dungeon
- Fixed spell affects not aligning with larger enemies
- Fixed the mouse not working for the dungeon entrance/exit menus
- Fixed a bug with the rendering of the campfire menu
- Fixed some bugs with how the other menus were being rendered when using the mouse
- Fixed the music not starting a new track when one finishes
- Finally found a way to fix the graphics for those that get white boxes around everything that's supposed to be transparent
- Added a display for how much food (what villagers will consume) is in inventory just under the population display
- Fixed villagers dying during the first hourly check when a Baker and Farmer exists to supply enough food
- Removed the "You can now assign villagers to be [job] at your Home" when making additional buildings/fields
- Fixed a game crashing bug with raids trying to generate when no villagers are present
- Fixed the player not being visible when first entering a dungeon floor
- Added an option during character creation to set the amount of dungeon levels to be generated (10-40)
- Changed the way monsters are distributed throughout the dungeon, so that lower level monsters can still appear in later levels
- Removed resolution options that the game does not render properly in

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