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v2.0.0.0 finally adds the long promised village raiding!

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So here it is... the big 2.0 with the last major [planned] feature: raids on the village. Does this mean I will no longer be developing/updating/supporting the game? Absolutely not. If bugs are reported, they will still be getting fixed asap... and there's a few minor requests people have made (i.e. mouse integration) that I'll still be working on.

Changes and Fixes:
- Added 'Raid' events where monsters emerge from the cave and attack your village (they chase down you and your villagers... whatever's closest)
- Implemented combat between NPCs
- Made the sound location-based, so the further away a sound is taking place the quieter it will be (max of 20 tiles away)
- Added villagers dying of starvation to the "Normal" difficulty
- Gave "Hardcore" difficulty permadeath (your current save and/or autosave gets deleted if you die)
- Decreased the delay between combat turns
- Allowed NPCs to also take advantage of the speed increase from roads/bridges
- Probably other tweaks/fixes that I can't remember at the moment :P

Note: if your current save is with the "Hardcore" difficulty and you don't wish to risk losing it, you can open the save file with any text editor (i.e. Notepad) and simply change 'Difficulty="Hardcore"' at the very top to 'Difficulty="Normal"'.

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