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v1.5 is now available! This version adds in a bit of spell variety, crop graphics and makes it possible to remove buildings :D

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  • Made it possible to remove a campfire
  • Made the Shock spell cause the opponent to be stunned for an amount of turns (starts at 1 and increases turns stunned by 1 every level), but with no residual damage
  • Made the Poison spell cause a small amount of base damage, but slightly more residual damage (increases residual damage by 1 every level)
  • Made the base damage of the Burn spell increase by 5 every level
  • Added a new Leech spell (restores HP by amount of damage caused), which increases its damage by 5 every level
  • Added a new Siphon spell (restores MP by amount of damage caused to the opponent's MP), which increases its damage by 5 every level and has no initial MP cost
  • Made the Ghost enemies use Siphon instead of Curse
  • Made the Zombie enemies use Leech instead of Curse
  • Made the Skeleton enemies use Curse instead of Poison
  • Gave the Mage, Necromancer and Wraith enemies the Siphon spell
  • Made the Heal effect graphic white (Siphon now uses blue)
  • Made the damage numbers also display when status effects are being applied
  • Fixed a possible bug with loading a game that had Fields
  • Added a different graphic for when a Field has been planted with Wheat
  • Fixed a typo when trying to build a Bakery and the area is not clear
  • Made the random event text display in the center of the screen
  • Made random events only able to happen if outside the dungeon
  • Made all buildings removable
  • Made the player start with Bread instead of Cooked Meat
  • Made wolves need to be at least 6 tiles from any campfire or torch in order to spawn
  • Removed the “Nothing” option from the Field menu
  • Made the selected button in the Village Items menu shift upward if the last of the bottom item is taken/given
  • Reduced the Wood and Stone cap to 50 for each additional House (still 100 for first House)
  • Added a Barracks
  • Added a Guards job (reduces the amount of goods lost from negative random events)
  • Made guards more effective when a Blacksmith and Armory is built
  • Fixed the graphics for the Fence T-Sections
  • Made it possible to remove Wood and Stone Benches
  • Fixed a remaining bug with the Heal spell
  • Fixed a bug with the amount of Diamonds in the village inventory not displaying
  • Fixed the HP/MP bars for large creatures not being where they should be
  • Fixed taking items from a chest not immediately updating the display labels
  • Made jobs able to be increased/decreased by 10 from holding ctrl down

Note: Previous saves will not be compatible with this version.

Check out the Changelog for the most recent developments!

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