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News about the last update of the game. New faction, bug correction, etc...

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Hello everyone,

Hell of Men has very change since my last update in Indie DB.

Today I introduce the new faction, German Army.

- Technician : health of 10.
- Machinegunner : + 1 damage to units, + 2 damage to buildings.
- Sniper : firing rate of 2.
- Tank crew : health of 10.
- UGV: resource storage drone.
- Buggy: armed (grenade launcher) with 3 seats.
- Armoured transport: health + 20, +1 damage to units and buildings.
- Barracks : - 25% construction time for units.
- Laboratory: manufacturing of the resource storage drone.

Discover 19 skirmishes.

9 for NATO army where you play german and poland armies.

9 for russian army and 1 for Halloween where you fight against Zombies !

Classic Skirmish mode where you chose you faction, map, etc ...

Discover all about units and buildings, story of HoM with a context explication, etc ...

Discover Hell of Men with a free demo !!

The game in available in Early Access for 7.99$ / 6.59€.

Have a good game!

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