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a new update is ready for testing, even more features and fixes.

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Took a small break from the project to do some other things, I was still making small tweaks and adjustments to it every now and then but only recently decided to properly update it, Here's what's changed for v0.5

  • Changed the melee weapon to a "melee power-up", this fits better within the current abstract levels.
  • A new power-up added "dash" which can be obtained from the 5th level in regular mode. None of the current levels make use of it, but it's a nice bonus for completing all main levels.
  • A new notification system to give players tips on how to use newly acquired power-ups.
  • Adjusted springboard jumps to be more consistent.
  • Fixed being able to perform springboard jumps in unusual situations in some levels.
  • Fixed a bug that made music stop completely after volume is set to 0 then raised again to higher than 0.
  • power-ups no longer spawn in Timed Challenge mode

v0.5 to v0.54 changes:

  • Fixed collision of tree props in hub level.
  • Fixed being able to bypass some barriers in the hub level.
  • Fixed getting stuck on ladder if player spams crouch or jump.
  • Fixed some animation transition issues.
  • Fixed Forced slide animation not working properly.
  • Fixed wallrunning and grabbing onto ledges not working properly.
  • Fixed some animations not positioned properly, no more floating player model.
  • Solved issues of dash preventing grabbing onto ledges during wallclimbs and quickturns.
  • Fixed physics not getting paused while game is paused.
  • Added a new option under "Game options" to allow you to reset your progress to replay game from start to finish as if it were a new game again.
  • New, less awkward sliding animations.
  • Under the hood optimizations and organizations.

Be sure to reset your save files if you want to experience the new changes properly, click on "Game options > Reset game save" to do this.

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