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Hey everyone! I just got back from vacation recently and I've been able to work on the game some more! I also got a sneak peak of the new companion out!!!

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Hey everyone!

I just wanted to let you know what I've been doing with the game and why it's been taking so long for an update. I've been away the past week and haven't been able to work on the game :(. But I'm back and ready to develop!!! Well the next update is going to be BIG. It's going to fix most (if not all) bugs in the game. It also adds some new features and a new MAJOR quest that adds a companion. I have recently released some info on this companion. His name is Darryl the Dog and you can find the sneak peak here:

Darryl the dog will COMPLETELY change the way the game is played. If you have him in your party he will sometimes jump into the conversation possibly even changing the outcome. He will even help you fight enemies and you can take control of him and have him lead the way!

But you can't just walk up to Darryl and expect him to be loyal to you. He will ask you to complete a very serious series of quests before be will join you in the game. These quests will add tons of new areas and over an hour of gameplay.

V0.4.0 will also

  1. fix tons of bugs that you've been having plus ones you haven't found(hopefully completely debugging the game)
  2. Adds difficulty system(can be changed throughout the game+the harder the difficulty the more exp and money you receive)
  3. Adds more items, weapons, and armor

Also V0.4.0 will be the last update in the beta stages(May have smaller updates incase I come across more bugs). I will be working on completing the main part of the game(looking for a final release around December/January time) Once then I will keep updating the Premium version of the game with more quests, areas, and "stuff".

V0.4.0 will be available around October(probably in the beginning). Don't forget! You can get continuous updates on OWaRPGG and Maniak Gaming by liking us on facebook or a ManiakGaming.com. And remember...... STAY INSANE ;).

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