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v0.4 Update, introducing hub saving system and more...

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v0.4 Update is ready for testing, this update brings more features to the game like hub system with savable progress for each individual level and adds ability to carry over stuff from one level to another to open up more level design options, plus the usual bug fixes and improvements.

  • New hub level, probably the most detailed level out of all the levels in the game right now, still far from finished though.
  • New progress saving system capable of saving progress for each individual level visited when hub mode is enabled.
  • Adjusted intermission screen "level complete" text position and fixed crosshair not getting hidden when intermission screen shows up.
  • Dynamic climbing system, player now gets properly attached to surfaces (moves and rotates with them), not used in any of the current levels but will be in future updates.
  • Removed "Timed Challenge" option and replaced it with "Time Trials" menu which will auto enable the mode, Regular mode disables it and lets you free roam the levels like in previous updates.
  • Basic melee system which requires players to find a pick-up in one of the levels to unlock, you can use the newly earned weapon to break the planks blocking the way to the level inside the church in the hub. expect more key items like this and metroidvania-ish level design in future updates.

UPDATE: Here's some undocumented changes that happened between v0.4 and v0.47, I forgot to post them here because they weren't very obvious or major changes, mostly minor fixes for some issues that were difficult to reproduce or happened rarely.

  • Fixed "You failed" screen showing up before player restarts level after dying.
  • Fixed "Level complete" screen not responding due to player receiving damage moments before the screen is constructed.
  • Fixed returning to Time Trials Menu and re-entering a Time Trial not enabling Timed Challenge mode.
  • Fixed "Photo Mode" camera getting stuck on player collision, and fixed chances of controls not responding in Photo Mode.
  • Fixed switching to "Photo Mode" not properly disabling player controls.
  • Fixed being able to use melee while climbing ladder, doing vertical wallruns, rolling or grabbing onto ledges.
  • Fixed wallrun animations getting interrupted by melee attack animation.
  • Fixed some issues with transitioning to jumping animation.
  • Fixed getting stuck while climbing ladder if the player jumps.
  • Fixed hub level gate leading to the 5th level not getting raised properly.
  • Fixed some game saving inconsistensies.
  • Slight visual changes to the hub level (more decoration props)
  • Code cleanup and re-organization.
  • Changed window title and game icon.

All of the current levels except the hub level will be replaced with longer, more detailed levels that require you to travel back and forth between in future updates. The hub level itself will receive more updates aswell to make it look better and have more stuff to do in it. the current levels will instead be used as bonus levels for time trials mode instead. there's still a lot more additions planned for the game but for now enjoy this little update.

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