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It's been a while but v0.3 is here, bringing a new game mode, a new level and more...

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It's been a while but v0.3 is here, the purpose of this update is to test the new game mode functionality to ensure it works as intended, but it also includes a couple of neat changes and fixes.

Here's what's changed:

  • New game mode "Gem Hunt", collect all gems before time runs out.
  • New level designed for the new Gem Hunt mode, 4 more levels to come in the future.
  • New type of "Forced Slide" Hazard that forces the player to slide along it when stepped on.
  • Changed the timer of "Timed Challenge" mode to be a Countdown timer.
  • Added a "You Failed" screen that appears when timer runs out, letting you decide whether to retry or go back to menu.
  • Added Zipline sound effects.
  • Changed the look of the intermission screen.
  • Fixed being able to perform a Springboard jump after a wallclimb.
  • Fixed issues of the camera trying to face backward after player gets off a Q180-Turn during a wallclimb.

Hopefully work on modding support and potentially multiplayer may begin once we have enough content, work on a tutorial level will begin after I make sure the moveset is finalized, in the meantime enjoy the current demo.

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