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Just a quick update, mentioning some of the features of our new game.

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Hello there. Cubes is my first game, and I'm constantly updating it with new feautres and levels. In this post I hope to explain to you all about the Cubes. Currently we have 4 Cubes in the game. These cubes can be in four different states.

The Cubes

Cubes are moved around the level by dragging them. The objective of the game is to get the Cube to the end of each level.

White Cubes are your bog standard cubes. They have no speacil attributes, unlike the others.

Green Cubes are lifted in the air, when dragged. We are currently trying to debug their hover mechanic and that's why they've taken a back seat in the latest build, and screenshots.

Red Cubes are resistant to fire, and in future updates may be able to spread or pass on fire.

Blue Cubes can't be moved, unless pushed.

The States

Normal: When a 'Cube' is normal, it will happily be moved (except Blue), and will blink randomly.

King: If a 'Cube' has a crown over their heads, then they are a King Cube. You need to get the King Cube to the finish of each level.

On Fire: Red Cubes are resistant to fire, and can therefore be set on fire. If a non-red cube touches fire then they are destroyed. If the King Cube touches fire it's Game Over.

Asleep: Cubes that are Asleep can't be moved, making them the equivalent of walls. They can still be destroyed by fire though.

Hopefully this is enough to help you understand what each 'Cube' does. I hope you like the look of 'Cube' and support us throughout development.

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