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0.2 update is ready to release, bringing some neat new changes and fixes.

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v0.2 update is ready to release, bringing some neat new changes and fixes.

  • It's now possible to unpause the game by simply pressing ESC again while the pause menu is open.
  • Made some UI adjustments to ensure consistency across different screen resolutions.
  • Added "Retry", "Next" and "Leave game" options to intermission screen, will only be enabled after you beat all 5 main levels once.
  • Fixed some hud elements being displayed during the Timed Challenge start countdown, and adjusted the countdown text to be centered.
  • Updated video options in the menu to display "currently selected screen resolution", this change may require you to reconfigure your video options if you have already downloaded the previous version.
  • Fixed sound options not being applied on level start, and made sure they are properly saved.
  • Options like "Enable Photo Mode"and "Enable Timed Challenge Mode" will now be reset to "off" after you restart the game.
  • Added a new "falling to death" animation that will be played when the player falls into a bottomless pit.
  • Added a new "camera adjustment" system that will auto-rotate the camera to face the direction the player character is facing after performing a wallrun or climbing a ledge.
  • Fixed being able to jump during crouch, slide and roll.
  • Fixed taking falling damage for spamming the jump button.
  • Fixed being able to stand on some scenary objects in the 2nd level.
  • Fixed being able to skip half of the 2nd level, now you have to beat it the legit way.
  • Fixed being able to spam use on the interactable switches in the 4th level.
  • Fixed being able to wallclimb and wallrun to the exit in the 4th level, now you have to beat it the legit way x2.

Everblaze early demo v0.2

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