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Update report for version 0.18.0 - Rowdy Rhino, listing all our latest features and bug fixes.

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0.18.0 - Rowdy Rhino

Bugs Squashed

- Creating Objects can now be un-done.
- Throwing objects which other players created now works.
- Pressing "H" for crosshair visibility is toggled. (In play mode)
- Gizmo is now disabled and is not visible in play mode when joining / loading or creating a world.
- Cursor is now visible when pressing "ESC"
- When a player picks up an object he now becomes the owner of that object. (In play mode)

New Features

- More work done towards the New! "Avatar Dressing Room" + some networking groundwork for the upcoming new customisable avatars.
- New Installer & patcher completed which now works on all OSX and Windows computers. (Windows computers require UemeU to be run with administrator privileges!!!!).

- New weather controls. Rainfall - Particle Size - Particle Colour. More weather textures to come.

- Shapes are now deleted when they fall past a certain point (the same as the avatar)
- Gizmo now uses inverted colours on single items in order to be more visible.

- Quit buttons added to the login screen and game mode menu.
- Added close button to permissions panel.

Here are a few of our Halloween build competition entries

Big thankyou to everyone who entered... Winner will be announced on Monday 4th. :)



Sorry for not really play the game this times :( ! I had to test another games but I'll try to make an update video

Also I have to think about updating UemeU Bros.

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