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Post news RSS v0.1.7 Released! - Fortifications and Lights

Critical server optimisations are now in with the next level of polish to the build assets, interior lighting, and the first version of our 'fortification' system.

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Greetings Pioneers!

Today we’re giving your Materialise Module a very shiny update indeed! Now allowing for the construction of Fortifications and Lights! We’ve introduced a the new ‘High-Tech’ build set which will serve as the template for more build sets to come, with the aim to create visually distinctive sets depending on the material you build them out of.

Note: This is the FIRST iteration of the Fortification system. We will be aiming to simplify it further as the game progresses. For now you will need to select the right fortification for the piece you want to attach it to, then snap! Fortified.

Of course there is just the one set for now- you can currently build these new primitives and fortifications out of any non-energy material, this will change when more sets are added later.

More critically we have taken our time in tracking down and fixing several serious bugs that were introduced in the last few updates, including memory leaks and server saving and loading issues, check the changelist below for details :)

Important! Please read:

- If you are running your own server, don't forget to update it to the latest version!

- Saves have been updated now the new build assets and fortifications have arrived so this means you will be starting from scratch with your bases, sorry about this- we hope the shiny new structures you can build make up for it!


  • New build set visuals - the ‘High-Tech’ set! This currently replaces our default visual for buildings while we work on other build sets.
  • Added Fortifications - A new exterior structure type you can build on the outside of walls in order to further protect them. Currently there are Wall, Window, Corner, Corner Window, Arch, Corner Arch and Door Frame Fortification pieces.
  • New Utility: Ceiling Light.
  • New Utility: Wall Light.
  • New Primitive: Door Frame.
  • Added Eden Kit Bubble merge visuals for overlapping friendly bubbles.
  • Added basic Controller Invert Y, this uses the same option as the mouse invert y in the Options Menu settings
  • Added Ctrl+Alt+P to hide HUD for a screenshot mode (this may be changed in future depending on how users would like the use the functionality. Please let us know!)

  • Multiple primitives, which performed the same role (e.g. 3 different corners) have been consolidated into a single block.
  • Added new icon styles for Primitives, Fortifications and some Utilities in preparation for future build sets.
  • Door health modifier has been increased from 1 to 1.1
  • Added optimisations for the enemy targeting arrows, which should help performance when there are lots of enemies in view.
  • Rearranged Categories for the Build Menu (Middle Mouse in Build Mode), and added the new Fortifications category.
  • Minor improvements to Material Shard visuals.
  • Tweaked the distance in which Stalkers get to the player before standing up

  • Fixed a memory leak on the dedicated server caused by unwanted particle effects.
  • Fixed a memory leak on the dedicated server caused by memory allocation code in the navigation system.
  • Fixed a very rare crash to do with decals.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the laser turrets from working while making them look like they were.
  • Fixed replication, line of sight, rotation, and positioning issues with the Missile Turrets, which should make them more reliable.
  • Fix for VSync not always getting set correctly on some systems.
  • Fixed another bug with our Octree pathing system.
  • Fixed an issue where Fauna could get deleted at night while you were being attacked.
  • Partial fix for toxicity bar when outside the Eden Kit shield, the bar would show incorrect values
  • Fixed no collision on some Onyx rocks.
  • Fixed an issue where too many Cirrus Spores were being created around Hives in the world.
  • Fixed an issue with the Ram attack of Ikas and Vipers that was causing them to go out of sync if anything was hit.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ikas/Vipers would not use their spit attack.
  • Fixed replication issues with destroying large amounts of foliage.
  • Fixed issue with connection becoming saturated when destroyed to much foliage.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the Vogels would stop moving.
  • Fixed being able to place some primitives upside down.

For our latest known Issues list follow the link below:

See you in the fray!

-Team Flix

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