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In this update we've added death markers, Juggernaut IK's for better movement visuals, additional server commands and more.

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Greetings Pioneers!

We have some fixes for the spawning issues some of you have been having along with some optimisations and visual fidelity improvements. For those of you waiting for the new PVE server configurations you need wait no more! We have added new server command options (see changlist below).

For those of you running your own server, don't forget to update to the latest version or your fellow Pioneers will be unable to connect.

  • When you die ingame, you and your Colony Members will now see a compass marker and an icon on your minimap displaying the location you died and where you should find your dropbag. This will be displayed for 30 seconds, it also displays on your map who killed you with what weapon too, so pitchforks at the ready folks!
  • Added impact blood effects for Juggernaut flesh.
  • Juggernaut Visual fidelity improvement - added partial Juggernaut IK (Inverse Kinematics) - With our new system the Juggernaut will look like it is correctly walking on high ground in uneven terrain areas, however it will currently look like its legs are floating over lower to reach ground until we have this fully implemented correctly.
  • Added PlayerDamageReductionFromPlayer on server, will reduce player on player damage inside an Eden kit shield by a percentage (0-1 setting will give 0-100% reduction).
  • Added ApplyPvPReductionOnlyWhenPlayerNotOnline which if set will only apply PlayerDamageReductionFromPlayer if the player is offline.

For information on setting up your own server using these settings, see our guide here - Steamcommunity.com

  • A.I. Spawning improvements
  • Sac Plants no longer create an instant chain reaction of explosions. It sounded better on paper than it actually felt in-game. They also no longer pop from bumping into them while they are being held with the MATA Tool.
  • Optimisations made with AI perception system to improve server performance.
  • AI physics bodies turned off on the server to improve server performance.
  • Path calculations for flying creatures have been further optimised.
  • Improved several UI icons for readability and consistency.
  • Optimised building to help reduce load on servers, this should help minimise any pauses when structures stream in.

Note: With the fixes to the AI spawning, you may notice more AI than you are used to, future balancing is subject to change.

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes flying AI would not be notified that a path had been calculated and was ready for use.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes AI would not get turned off in game and over time put undue stress on the server.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Stalkers to sink through the ground when they can no longer reach you (they should now just fizzle out to hide).
  • Fixed an issue where hives would not always play their destruction PFX when destroyed.
  • Fixed issue where Splintermites would occasionally play the wrong animation when switching targets.
  • Stopped an issue where Swamp Walkers would slide around and not play the Walk animation.
  • Fixed a threading issue where flying creatures would not get spawned.
  • Fixed an issue with perception where AI would not always pick up nearby targets.
  • Added an animation to the Vipers to stop them looking frozen around a Hive.
  • Fixed an issue with actors becoming no longer net relevant to the player when they walk around, the problem is much more pronounced with Foundation pieces.
  • Fixed problem with building walls in the same cell with an Edenkit and visa-versa.
  • Turrets no longer spawn minerals when you shoot them.
  • Fixed, some destructible rocks would regrow despite a building block encroaching on its bounding box.
  • Fix for gauss ammo resetting to 100 instead of 250 when logging out and in

The known Issues list has been updated to the latest version, find it here:

Remember Pioneers...

Stay alert to your surroundings and you will survive!

See you in the fray!

-Team Flix


ROFL! "Don't be like that guy..." That gave me a laugh lasting the entire day.

Fantastic work mates!

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clarky006 Author

Thanks for the support Lordlheancho! According to the character name in the picture I am 'that guy' xD

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