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Finally!!! The new WIP version si out!!! I worked hard and I would really appreciate any feedback!!! NICE PLAY!!!

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*Over 1 hour of gameplay The Golden Coin*
*15 minutes of gameplay with minigames*


- IMPORTANT TGC Basic Tutorial
- IMPORTANT Bonus game "CoinRace" (3 hard levels)

- NEW QUEST "Bring Kevin the map of the dungeon"

- NEW level system (MAX LEVEL: 4)
- NEW attribute system (strenght, agility, knowledge)
- NEW object build system (torch build)
- NEW last first dungeon part playable
- NEW open world playable(but restricted)
- NEW "Arnaria" forest part playable
- NEW *WIP NPC's "Guards of Arnaria"
- NEW strenght and agility system
- NEW TGC books learn system
(You earn EXP when you read books)
- NEW icons for the game menu
- NEW icons for the quest menu
- NEW icons for the character menu
- NEW icons for the inventory menu
- NEW icons for the map menu
- NEW icons for dialogues
- NEW dialogues layout & intelligence
(You see the name of the subject
only when you know his name)
- NEW textures for walls, stones and metal
- NEW multiple textures for grass
- NEW NPC "Kevin's father"
- NEW NPC "Shopkeeper"
- NEW NPC "???" (You must find out)
- NEW the player thinks
- NEW *WIP written paintings

- ADD checkpoints
- ADD shop system and revised weight system
- ADD action menu (there you can use the torch)
- ADD a lot of new mapmodels
- ADD shortkeys to game menus
("C","U" for the CHARACTER MENU)
("I" for the INVENTORY MENU)
("O" for the QUESTS MENU)
("M","P" for the MAP MENU)
("TAB" for the ACTION MENU)
- ADD shortkey TAB to Action Menu
- ADD hammers
- ADD wood pieces
- ADD books
- ADD torch(as action)
- ADD oil

- FIX a few sound places
- FIX optimized scripts
- FIX gui interface
- FIX weight system
- FIX "Me" dialogue
- FIX "Kevin" dialogue
- FIX heavy scripts
- FIX no textures buttons
- FIX game loading time to stable load
- FIX a crash to desktop
- FIX a few no textures in world
- FIX installer


- the save and load mode is not working propely
- there isn't music and a jukebox player
- there is a long loading time for ingame sounds
- there is a long loading time for game start pictures
- there isn't a third person character/view
- the water specularity is heavy blinding
- the settings menu is not optimized
- there isn't an option for mouse speed
- there isn't a died sound/great message
- the died message is written too little
- the game menu needs sometimes a while to load
- the game runs slower in the town of "Arnaria"
- over 25 sec. Chapter_I loading time
- you can't press one more time in the menu the
shortkey to exit (press right click instead)
- in the general menu there are a few issues
- the credits page saws nothing
- there are some english language errors
- a unknow but very rare crash to desktop
- strenght and agility attribute points doesn't work propely
- knowledge attribute points doesn't work
- there is no way to let objects fall from the inventory

You can download the last version on the official homepage: www.thegoldencoin.page.tl
I will upload the version on moddb soon...

Camcidgos - - 504 comments

A box comes up while installing and it says :
Some files are protected by a password!

It asks for it with:
Installation password:

and there is a place to put the password, then there is 3 buttons:
"Skip, OK, and Cancel"

It won't let you skip,

Ok won't work,

And Cancel exits the installation with"Are you sure you want to abort the installation? Yes No

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