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New graphics options, the Nahmar bird and MOAR EXPLOSIONS!

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July Release v9

Greetings Pioneers,

It’s that time again..

Yes indeed, time for a super shiny and indeed super new, super shiny new build. We’ve added some new features that we hope will really start to make the world seem that little bit more alive.

We are also working hard behind the scenes on some amazing new features that we are looking to get to you guys as soon as possible. For now though here is a list of what's in store for this current update!


  • Added the Nahmar - a new passive flying creature which will sometimes fly down and steal dropped Materials if you’re not careful!
  • Added our first Interactive Flora - the Exploding Sac plant! These bulbs can be thrown around or destroyed, dealing AoE (Area of Effect) damage and pushing objects on impact.
  • Added new Perception Component - allowing enemies to detect noise caused by player movements and actions. This of course means you can sneak up on enemies.
  • Apex destructible rocks now affect the Navmesh - this allows the AI to detect rocks as obstacles. When a rock gets destroyed the Navmesh is updated indicating the path is now clear.
  • Added Graphical Settings in the Options Menu.
    • Anti-Aliasing
    • View Distance
    • Shadow Quality
    • Post-Processing
    • Texture Quality
    • Effects Quality
  • Gamepad Invert X/Y now changes via the Options Menu.
  • New ability for Ikas: Unstable Vortex. Ikas are now as unstable as they were always meant to be and release a dangerous displacing charge upon death.
  • Introduced fall damage to the Pioneer.
  • Added map file to assist in catching future game crashes

Changes and Balancing

  • Lots of Optimisations and future proofing to Enemy Targetting System.
  • Improved grass visuals.
  • Refactor of the Kinetic Laser in preparation for multiplayer.
  • Removed in-game pop up tutorials and replaced them with a hyperlink to our guide on Steam.
  • Implemented streaming of the Navmesh to help performance.
  • Added additional support for streaming Apex
  • Propulsion Blast Upgrade has been updated with new tooltip and revised functionality.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed crash with Reclaiming the Missile Turret with the Absorb to Inventory Upgrade Active
  • Fixed a very rare threading crash when calculating a path for flying creatures
  • Fixed a rare crash when mining
  • Fixed some trees having invisible branches
  • Fixed Material on the UI of the Missile Turret
  • Options Menu Scrollbar fixes when switching Categories
  • Fixed Volume and Gamma sometimes were not being set or taking effect correctly on startup.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes after loading a game a new Hive would spawn inside your base.
  • Fixed an issue where sometime Splintermites would start exploding when they were not near your base.
  • Fixed a bug where The cost of Kinetic Laser was incorrect, and the upgrade to Pushback Kinetic Laser didn’t affect it
  • Improved Missile Turret priority targeting
  • Fix issue where turrets were sometimes targeting AI beyond their firing range
  • Fixed issue where sometimes Vogels were spawning underneath the world
  • Fixed issue where Splintermite addon hives will sometimes spawned on players base after a load
  • Improved the ability for Vogel's to avoid getting stuck on terrain
  • Fixed an issue where the IKA would stop moving and remain floating in mid air until interacted with
  • Fixed another issue where the IKA would stop moving above a player's base high in the sky
  • Improved spawning of the IKA to avoid them spawning inside mountain/cliff rocks
  • Fixed issue where Gauss Gun ammo always read zero
  • Fixed issue where in some cases enemies would not attack a player's Eden Kit
  • Fixed issue where Missile turret would sometimes not engage the IKA
  • Fixed issue where Master Volume set to zero yet audio would continue to play
  • Fixed issue where the flashlight would cast players body shadows incorrectly
  • Fixed issue where no impact PFX would play when the Vogel takes damage from any weapon
  • Fixed issue where no Dematerialise effect would play for the Vogel upon death
  • Fixed issue where splintermites were able to climb on top of Missile Turrets causing the turrets to endlessly spin
  • Fixed issue with some settings such as Gamma not being applied immediately upon loading the game, despite the numerical values being correct
  • Fixed issue with IKA hive defenders not attacking when spawned

You can view the latest changelist and known issues here on our Trello boards.

Happy hunting!

- Team Flix

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