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We finally settled on a team name. New fully working subtitle system implemented. Bug fixes per usual and more...

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First and foremost I want to take a moment to thank everyone for their support so far. It's always a very humble experience to meet people who are excited about a game they haven't played yet. It also makes me all the more anxious to deliver something really amazing, or, at least do my damned best.

This gratitude extends itself over to the number of inquiries I receive when it comes to open positions. I truly am thankful and if I have not yet replied then I may have missed it during my incredibly busy schedule. So I apologize for that.

If you look at the extended Header image you'll notice a bunch of faces and the roles they play within the game's development. Right now this is not everyone. I will gradually introduce more of the team with the coming updates and news articles but let me start off with properly introducing one of the backbones of the team: Thomas "Sensi" Saigne.


This guy is a mean lean bug finding machine, and I'm not even kidding. From the moment he joined he's been incredibly enthusiastic and has a very positive attitude. It makes working with him very fun and as he greets me every morning when he signs on I feel like I have someone who will make sure that the game is at a high standard. As much as I hate getting bug reports, it might as well come from this guy. :)


As I mentioned before I am working very hard towards a Kickstarter. As time goes on the need for proper funding is at a all time high. It's at a point where I have to find funds or production might slow down and I vowed that I will not slow down. I shall not slow down. So what I want to ask from anyone who is interested in the project, please help me and share it with friends, post it on Facebook or a game related forum. It doesn't matter, if you feel this game is something you can stand behind, then help me out.

Another part of the Kickstarter is the Demo that I have talked about a lot before. The development of the demo, and the rest of the game, is going very well. I honestly cannot wait until you guys get to play it for yourselves and be able to experience it and receive feedback about it. So just hang in there for a little while longer, I am working very hard on this front to deliver the goods asap ...


STARDROP is a single-player game. A narrative driven single-player game. This means a lot of dialog. And a lot of dialog means that you might not catch something that has been said, or you got distracted by someone talking to you, or, you're doing a let's play. ;) Whatever the reason a game like this needs a decent subtitle system. The one that EPIC Provides is functional but not much can be customized. So I sat down and thought about how I would want to present my subtitles. Instead of me showing an image or talking about it, I will share with you a video instead:

And with that I reached the end of this article. Again, help me spread the word so that I can make this game a reality without any major delays. I thank you for reading and I hope you had fun.

Don't forget, I'm still running a Q&A over at the forums: STARDROP Q&A

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